Music wallpapers

It is safe to say that music traces its history from the very origins of mankind. Before the advent of coherent speech, ancient people communicated with the help of separate sounds, were able to distinguish tones, and later organize them. It is quite possible that these “branches” of prehistoric communication developed in parallel: some combinations of sounds were transformed into speech, while others were transformed into melodies, songs and music.

According to some scientific assumptions, Homo Sapiens became Homo musicus about 40-50 thousand years ago. Such hypotheses have archaeological confirmation: the first musical instruments, which are 35-40 thousand years old, were found in different parts of the world.

The development of mankind, in particular, the emergence of writing, made it possible not only to transmit songs and tunes “from mouth to mouth”, but to record music and lyrics. The oldest known cuneiform song was found during the excavations of Nippur, the sacred city of Sumerian civilization, and dates back to 2000 BC.

The first attempts to describe the general history of music took place in the 18th century in Padre Martini's Storia della musica, Hawkins “A general history of the science and practice of music” and Forkel” Allgemeine Geschichte der Musik”.

In the XIX century, research continued, among the historical works of this period we can distinguish Kiesvetter's “Geschichte der europäischen abendländischen oder unserer heutigen Musik” and “Geschichte der Musik” in Italy, Deutschland und Frankreich” Brendel. The variety and amount of materials on the history of music remained a huge difficulty for historians and musicologists, and with the study of each new era, the “historical com” grew. In this regard, most of the works did not have consistency and completeness, some researchers focused on the era of antiquity, others at the Renaissance or the Baroque era