Cartoon wallpapers

Animation has been considered a branch of the film industry since its inception. However, this interesting trend can also be successfully associated with painting and graphics. The artist's talent plus technical capabilities — and art is born that does not leave indifferent neither children nor adults. The roots of animation are associated with the strobe, an optical toy invented by the Belgian inventor Joseph Plateau in 1832. The principle of this device was simple — a cyclic pattern was applied to the edge of the circle. For example, a running horse, which has been depicted several times in different stages of movement. When the circle rotated, the drawing merged, and there was an illusion of a moving object. The first real animator is considered to be the Frenchman Emile Reynaud. He created a praxinoscope device, which consisted of a spinning drum, a system of mirrors and a lantern. In 1892, Reino launched a kind of attraction — the optical theater. There he showed the audience comic stories lasting 15-20 minutes. This happened a few years before the famous premiere of the Lumiere brothers, that is, animation became known to the French even a little earlier than movies.