HD Wallpapers

How to choose a background for a desktop and phone and install it correctly?

Make changes to your environment more often - the recommendation of psychologists. That is why replacing desktop wallpaper on a PC or on a modern phone is a useful activity, and not another empty hobby. Periodic image changes have a positive effect on mood and ability to work.

The operating platforms of advanced devices provide their users with a small number of options for screensavers, but in the vast majority these are standard photos that will soon get bored. Fortunately, now on the Internet you can find and download from wallpapers portals any images you like to your desktop in a format that suits you. With our website, you can easily quickly select and download worthwhile wallpapers absolutely free of charge.

  • The contrast of the selected picture and the color brightness should be reduced to the least load on the human visual organs, because the organs of vision are already experiencing significant stress from the monitor. It makes no sense to opt for dark wallpaper, such colors are suppressive, and there is not much to see on them.
  • Before installing the wallpaper, consider the resolution and format of the picture, due to the fact that it is desirable to install those photos that will occupy the entire area of the desktop. If you choose the wrong resolution, after installation, the picture may shrink or stretch, and also look fuzzy.
  • Wallpapers can reflect your eccentricity. Everything is absolutely clear in this case, anyone chooses an illustration for themselves. If you are crazy about looking at the sea, you will be happy to see the turquoise surface or the waves running over each other. You can find a lot of different wallpapers by category on our website.
  • Do not forget that the wallpaper is always conspicuous and therefore, as they say, must match the situation. Forget about drawings that depict a bare body, female or male, if you work in a reputable company, your office is in a business center, and you often have visitors.

Psychologists' advice when choosing a wallpapers on the screen:

  • Experts strongly recommend a collection of landscapes or natural elements, dominated by tones of green and blue, which have a positive effect on the human nervous system and favor intellectual activities. Well, a photo of a person or animals will distract your attention.
  • Do not put anything depressing, frightening and aggressive as a background - these wallpapers will begin to affect your psyche and mood at the subconscious level.
  • Give preference to wallpaper on which the contours are smooth, and the pointed corners are minimal. In addition, soft color transitions are preferable — these are the drawings that will help you relax and take a break.
  • Each color has its own effect on the individual. Forget images in rich red or burgundy tones — your nervous system will soon be tired. Red coloring prevents you from gathering your thoughts, has the worst effect on relationships between colleagues. Also, you should not choose intense colors, even more peaceful tones - green and blue. And pastel colors will relax the eyes and have a positive effect on intellectual activity.

How to set the wallpaper on the desktop of your computer and phone correctly?

  • First, find out the resolution of your display: right-click on the free area on the desktop and click on the “Screen Resolution” menu. Alternatively, check the screen settings in the video system properties.
  • Download your favorite wallpaper from the website with a size that matches the resolution of your monitor, wait until the file is completely downloaded.
  • Hover over the downloaded file and press the right button. In the list, find the “Set as wallpaper” item.
  • If the image does not appear on the table, it is necessary to update it. On the empty area of the desktop, click the right mouse button and find the “Update/Refresh” item.